Saturday, October 23, 2021


Unical Matters is a multi purpose news and media Website bringing First hand reports around the University of calabar campus, Bringing information faster to the Students, aspirants and post graduates interested with happenings around the University of calabar. Unical Matters is a one stop Information Centre for all Students of Unical, Useful articles can also be published by visitors on this platform. The domain name perfectly explains what the website is all about.  For strangers who might not know the meaning of Unical, the word “Unical” is short form for the the University of calabar.  Unical matters is also helpful and very informative to post graduates, alumni, staffs, friends and lovers of the university of calabar


The mission of the Unical matters team is to Bring first hand information faster and closer to the students of the University of Calabar. Another major aim is to show off the University to the world and also bring national and international opportunities to Unical Students.


A platform trusted by thousands of students of the University of Calabar for day to day information and reports arround the university of calabar campus